Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTM Student for One Semester.

First of all, thanks to Allah because gave me the opportunity to further my study in UITMT. I'm feel very excited when I know my application was approved to be a student of UITMT...and I know that is the big challenge for me in UITMT to be succes.

For one semester I have been at UITMT..there are many sweet memeories had happen in my's very happy to know anym, effa and nuha..this 3 girls always helped me when I had a problem in academic..and I also happy to know my group members, group group members is anym, effa, nuha, syazana, mareena, pa'an, fazli, aizat, uncle and dewi..Shazana and I was a team in kitchen class..I'm happy to worked together with her..and our lovely basic western lecturer, mr.hairi jalis...i'm very proud to be his student eventhough i'm not good and excel in the kitchen class..i'm very missed to be in kitchen class with mr.hairi..

Before the end of the semester, our group, group c, had organize a special bbq becides the beach..and mr.hairi joined us and we had fun together, captured alot of picture and mr.hairi share with us about his experience in the food industries..there are alot of sweet memories in my first semester in UITM.