Monday, March 2, 2009

My Dream Man..

My dream man is someone who will love me, for me, and not hope for someone who is thinner or prettier. I hope that he won't compare me with other girls to may have brighter smiles. I hope that he will make me laugh, take care of me if I get sick, and be trustworthy. If I cry or if I sad he can just hold me close, always be besides me and try to throw away all my tears. My dream man are also may be my bestfriend. A bestfriend who can always share everything with me and always understand me. Besides that, I also want someone who is always support me in whatever I do. He also know how to give me an advice when I'm doing something wrong. My dream man must respect my parents and my family. He also must be a calm person and not a hot tempered person. Always make me feel save and comfortable.I also dream for man who is an educated person. I want someone who is graduate from university or college. He also must be success in his carrier and has a bright future.

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