Sunday, February 1, 2009

How I spend my holiday

Holiday...?? ermm.. I like holiday.. for the mid sem holiday, I was back to my house at Kajang Selangor.. there is nothing much I do when a mid sem holiday..I'm was back to Kajang on 22 January 2009 at 12a.m..I'm feel very excited to go back.. I missed my mom and my dad so much..

23 January 2009 (Thursday)

I arrived at Station Putra Kuala Lumpur at 5.30 a.m. Myfriends, Wani, Kak Ana and I decided to go back by KTM.. When I arrived at KTM Kajang Station at 7am, my mom was fetched me, and brought me to her office. I stayed at her office until lunch time.. I feel very tired and sleepy.. At 2pm, my mom sent me home, and I was rushing to my room to get a rest.. At night, my mom asked me to acompany her to Tesco Kajang.. After we bought things, my family and I had a dinner together at Po' Sen Restaurant.

24 January 2009 (Saturday)

Today I woke up early at 4am because my dad and I must sent my mom to my uncle's house.

My mom and my uncle must go back to our village at Alor Star, Kedah because my aunt was in coma. My dad can't acompany my mom because he had an important meeting today..

My other siblings and I also can't follow my mom because my father did not go.. At 10am, I was decided to hang out with my friend,.. We go for shopping at Sunway Pyramid, Subang Parade, Shah Alam Mall and PKNS Shah Alam.. After we tired shopping, he sent me home at 10pm..

25 January 2009 (Sunday)
I was not go anywhere. I just spend my time at home. It's very bored because my activities just watching the television, eating, sleeping and surve internet..

26 January 2009 (Monday)
I woke up late. I felt very lazy. It also same with yesterday.I'm not doing anything, just spend my time infront of computer.

27 January 2009 (Tuesday)
I woke up early today because my mother was arrived home at 4a.m.. Shes bought many dodols and asam jawas from Alor Star Kedah.. At 2pm, I asked my best friend Aqila to acompany me for shooping at Metro Kajang.. I bought a t-shirt and jeans.

28 January 2009 (Wednesday)
Today I was hang out with my another best friend Wan Teh Fatimah.. She asked me to acompany her to 'Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah '. After we go to 'PPD' my best friend asked me to acompany her to Mid Valley because she need to see someone. My friend, are also at Mid Valley and we hang out together.. We watched movie and shopping. Before I go home, he bought me a big teddy bear and I love it very much.

29 January 2009 (Thursday)
Today I'm doing nothing. Spend my time infront the television. At night, my family and I was having dinner together at FARA Restaurant. This restaurant is our favourite restaurant. The foods and the service is very good. My family are not always have time to eat lunch or dinner together. So, when we have time, we will eat together at the restaurant

30 January 2009 (Friday)
Today I was busy prepared all my things. I started packing all my things and I hate to do this..
Tomorrow I will go back to UiTMT, but I'm not go back by bus. I'm go back with Kak Fida's family. At 8pm, my parents sent me to Kak fida's house. At 9pm, Kak Fida and her sibling asked me to joined them eating at Hartamas Square. We went home at 11pm.

31 January 2009(Saturday)
I woke up at 4am. Prepared myself before we traveled to Dungun, Terengganu. At 5.30am we started move to Dungun. I spend my time with Kak Fida's family. It's nice to known them. Kak Fida's family is very kind. We arrived in Dungun at 12pm. Before they sent me and Kak Fida to UiTMT,we stopped besides beach to have lunch. I arrived at my hostel at 1pm.

Thats was how I spend my holiday. I felt sad because the mid sem holiday is end. I felt like the holiday is too short, but its least we had the holiday for 0ne week.

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